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C oop Pank on oma esimestest päevadest ehk turule tulekust saati seadnud esmaseks eesmärgiks tugeva, Eesti kapitalil põhineva panga väljaarendamise. A growing number of people have chosen walking as a simplest way to get positive emotions and become healthier. LAULUPIDU Võib-olla ei hakka kõigil külastajail restorani Noot sisse astudes otsekohe laulupeo laulud kõrvus kumisema, kuid sisearhitekti­ dele oli laulupidu piisavalt selge märksõna, mis aitas restorani kujundusidee välja joonistada. The first links golf course in the Baltic countries is waiting for you! Mesi pehmendab, ravib ja toidab ning linaõli niisutab ja turgutab jalgu.

COM Pärnu Where to go and what to do, if you want experience local colours and tastes in addition to your pleasant spa vacation?

The choice is yours — enjoy your vacation to the fullest! A growing number of people have chosen walking as a simplest way to get positive emotions and become healthier.

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Beach promenade, which is winding down the beach has about it the aura of a true resort and creates fantastic feelings, especially in the evening when elaborate lighting and the playing colours of the fountains offer a sight in themselves.

As a matter of fact, there are two of those in Pärnu, both a little over two kilometres long.

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The breakwater on the left bank of the river has become a symbol of Pärnu, but the other one on the side of Old-Pärnu is also nice for walking. To reach the break­ water go to the Emajõe street and walk till you get to the sea.

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Turn to the left, take the footpath and when you reach to the Old-Pärnu bird watching tower, the breakwater can be seen. The bird watching tower between the river and the sea on the Old-Pärnu Atropiin valu liigeste valu is an ideal place for spotting birds in the reed, seaside grasslands and gliding over the sea, there is also a good view of the Pärnu river, the breakwaters and the beach.

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Not far away from the breakwater there is the start of the Jaanson path. This is somewhat more strenuous, for the length of the path is eight kilometres. The effort, however, is rewarded by fabulous views of the sea, historic Great-River area and city panorama.

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Another option is to bike the Crele Barrel liigesed Hind. The Pärnu coastal meadow hiking trail stands right by the sea in the middle of the Pärnu beach — it starts at the surf club.

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Wide boardwalk is built above the sea shore and reeds, enabling to view unique and protected plants. The trail raises gently and is accessible both with a pram and a wheelchair, offering astounding views of the surroundings from the viewing platform.

Pärnu Vallikäär Pärnu fortification moat is full of charm with its well-lit winding promenade, the romantic footbridge that spans over the moat and the Estonian highest fountain in the middle of the moat. For little ones, there is a playground.

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Every park, house and a street in Pärnu has its story. During every summer guided thematic tours are arranged in the centre of the city. Do you know on which street in Pärnu you can meet a medie­ val humming monk?

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Or which is the most haunted house in the summer capital? Pärnu Ghost Tour will lead you to the most interesting places and trails in Pärnu introducing notorious tales about the dark Number liigesed of the city.

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For further information, see: westestonia. And of course, Pärnu offers adventures that take more time — these could be undertaken before you arrive to the spa hotel.

For further information, see www.

The first links golf course in the Baltic countries is waiting for you! Pärnu Bay Golf Links features in addition to a 18 hole course a par-3 course with five holes and driving ranges for practising long swings and short strokes. There is another golf course in Valgeranna.

For further information, see: www. The sandy Crele Barrel liigesed Hind of the Pärnu bay and shallow waters are ideal for stand-up paddle boarding SUP i. Come to a training session: paddle boarding is great in the morning, refreshing du­ ring lunch break or ideal for getting some exercise in the eve­ ning.

Regular sessions keep you nicely in shape. On the kayaking trip, you will see many inter­ esting sights of Pärnu including the Pärnu Yacht Club, Pärnu beach, Vallikäär and breakwaters.

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A break is made at the bird watching tower at the Vana-Pärnu beach for lunch and stretching legs.