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Traditionally, pranksters shout April Fools as they reveal the joke. In the United Kingdom, jokes can only be played until midday.

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If someone plays a joke after midday, then they are the April Fool. In Ireland, tradition was to deliver an important letter to a person, who would then deliver the letter to another person, and so on.

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Once finally opened, the letter would say send the fool further. On April 1stthe United States Army printed an article about army drones that would deliver 3D-printed pizzas to U. The pizzas would be made to order and have a shelf life Spring Spin Cartoon three years. Researchers at the U. Army Natick Soldier Systems Center were credited with the project and concept.

The first drone pizza delivery was cited to be made by April Fools Day The car featured 10 interior and exterior cameras that would allow the driver to snap selfies while the Artroosi ravi kettal was parked. You will surely be the victim of a prank during April Fools' Day, so be extra-careful of pranksters looming around you.

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With social media, you can use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to dupe your friends and family. Celebrities too have been fooled on April Fools Day as fake news about marriage, death or other significant events is propelled on social media by fans.

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One of the best ways to fool someone on April Fools' Day is to call them first thing in the morning. This way, they are less likely to realize that it is April Fools' Day. Our top 3 phone call pranks: 1 Breaking news - create a fictional breaking news item about politics, celebrities, events in your city, etc.

You just saw a news clip of the monkey on the local news Watch a hidden-camera or practical joke TV show.

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