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Free private parking is available on site. Intellectual property 6. The Sales Contract provides those in possession of a Ticket entry to the Event.

Events list Time left minutes Add tickets for all events in your list to your shopping basket automatically by pressing the button below Add all tickets to basket automatically Manual selection of tickets You must agree with the terms.

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Definitions 1. User — A registered or unregistered user of the Website, i. Terms of Use — the current terms of use of the Website as stated by Piletilevi. The terms can be readily accessed on the Website. Organiser — The organiser of the Event, including body corporate, organisations, or institutions that are responsible for all circumstances related to the Event, including instances related to the taking place of the Event.

Sales Contract — a contract between the Organiser and the User intermediated by Piletilevi. The Sales Contract provides those in possession of a Ticket entry to the Event.

Ticket — an undamaged document on its original template or an electronic ticket that provides those in possession of it entry to the Event and, in the instance that the Event is cancelled, a refund or exchange of the Ticket by the Organiser. Party — the User and Piletilevi as separate entities; Parties — the User and Piletilevi as a joint entity. Website — a collection of webpages accessible at www.

Event — an entertainment, public, business or advertising event set up by the Organiser for the general public, including performances, plays, concerts, discos, sporting events, exhibitions, fairs, conferences, competitions, auctions or other events that require the purchase of a pass or Ticket.

Data regarding Piletilevi 2.

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Piletilevi is located at Telliskivi street 60a, building C1, Tallinn Queries, complaints, suggestions, and petitions connected to retail must be submitted to Piletilevi via the e-mail address info piletilevi.

The mediation of Sales Contracts 3. Piletilevi administers the Website, through which the Sales Contracts between the Organisers and Users are formed. Piletilevi acts as intermediary for the Organiser and User in the process of entering into a Sales Contract. Piletilevi acts Osta Cream Golden Joint and within the interests of the Organiser. The general conditions of the ticket sales brokerage contract between Piletilevi and the Osta Cream Golden Joint are accessible on Website.

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The Organiser is responsible for adhering to the conditions of the Osta Cream Golden Joint Contract. All rights and obligations relating to the Ticket are laid down by the Organiser who is responsible for the content, changes, and compliance to these rights and regulations.

Tihendav penisa Aktau Batyr

Inter alia, Piletilevi does not have the right to refund or exchange Tickets. The Sales Contract between the Organiser and User is seen as binding when the sum of the Ticket price has been transferred to the Piletilevi bank account. If payment is made via credit card, the sum is usually transferred within 3 three working days of making the payment.

When the Sales Contract between the Organiser and User has been formed, Piletilevi will forward the purchased Ticket to the User in accordance with the mode of delivery chosen by the User: via e-mail in the case of an electronic Ticket, via the post office or courier service in the case of a Ticket on an original template.

The Ticket Soda-liigeste ravi be delivered via the post office or courier service only if the Ticket has been purchased from the Website at least 3 three working days prior to the start date of the Event or at least 6 six working days prior to the start date of the Event, if the payment was made using a credit card.

The courier service normally operates on working days between 9 a. If the courier is unable to deliver the Ticket at the address specified by the User, the courier service is deemed rendered the delivery fee does not qualify for a refund and the User will receive the Ticket from their local post office. User confirmations, rights, and obligations 4.

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By taking any actions on the Website, the User confirms that: 4. The User as a consumer is aware that he has no right to withdraw from Sales Contract according to the Obligations Law § 53 lg 4 p 7. The User is obliged to present accurate personal information upon registering on the Website, including registering under their legal and full name and using a valid e-mail address.

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In accordance with the current Terms of Use, the User has the right to demand receipt of a Ticket after entering into a Sales Contract with the Organiser. The User is obliged to refrain from interfering with the technical solutions and operations of the Website in any way.

Any activity that might impose an unreasonably large load on the Website or disrupt its operations is strictly prohibited.

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Any monitoring of the Website observation, counting and the copying, reproducing, using, changing and publishing of this data for any purposes is prohibited. The rights, obligations, and responsibilities of Piletilevi 5.


Piletilevi has the right to limit the number of Tickets purchased by the User at any time and terminate the transactions involving Tickets purchased in a quantity larger than that allowed. Piletilevi has the right to limit the number of Tickets sold on the Website, inter alia, via settings of the basket on the Website. Piletilevi is not responsible for the actions of third parties resulting in situations where money transfers or card Orenburgi liigeste ravi may fail.

The delivery schedules and deadlines noted by Piletilevi are approximate and Piletilevi is not responsible for delays in the delivery of the Ticket that are caused by inaccurate data or instructions provided by the User or the activities of third parties and other circumstances not determined by the actions of Piletilevi.

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Piletilevi has the right to terminate the method of delivery chosen by the User, if the delivery has not been paid for according to the price list, the User has provided false or inaccurate data Osta Cream Golden Joint.

Piletilevi is not responsible for any damage resulting from the Ticket falling into the hands of third parties incl.

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Piletilevi is not responsible for destroyed, lost, stolen, and damaged Tickets. Piletilevi is not responsible for the occurrence, organisation, advertising, available information, and other circumstances and content relating to the Event.

Piletilevi is also not responsible for any possible damages and expenses resulting from the cancellation of the Event.

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Compliance with the Sales Contract is the sole responsibility of the Organiser. Thus, all complaints resulting from the previously listed circumstances are also resolved by the Organiser. Piletilevi is not responsible for refunding or reimbursing Tickets if the Event does not take place, it is postponed, the location of the Event is changed, or it is replaced with another Event.

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Refunding or reimbursing tickets is the responsibility of the Organiser, unless it has been stated otherwise. Piletilevi is not responsible for the content, comments, or other data added to the Website by secondary users Organisers and users of the www. The Website may contain links and references to information on the Internet anywhere in the world.

As Piletilevi does not have control over these websites and the information they contain, Piletilevi is not responsible for the content of those webpages. The purchase of a ticket with a concession does not guarantee entry to the Event. The eligibility of the owner of the Ticket for a concession is checked at the venue of the Event. Piletilevi and the Organiser do not check the identity of the individual purchasing and gaining entry with the Ticket and are not responsible for any damages resulting from this.

If Piletilevi becomes liable for intermediating the Sales Contract as a result of legal proceedings, then this liability is limited to the Ticket price paid by the User. Intellectual property 6. Piletilevi is the rightful owner of all copyrights relating to content on the Website, including software, texts, databases, and graphic design.

The User and other individuals do not have the right to reproduce copydistribute, forward, translate, integrate into other databases, extract data or use in any other way the content of the Website without written consent from Piletilevi.

Any use or reference to the content of the Website by the User without prior consent from Piletilevi is unlawful and means that the individual will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Protection of personal data 7. Piletilevi collects the personal data of the Users upon registering on the Website and their following use of the Website in other ways. The processed personal data is presented by the User on the Website upon entering the information necessary for the purchase of Tickets or upon registering on the Website.